Europe, Last Look At Eden, 2009

Europe - Last Look At EdenDon´t know about you, but I am really enjoying the second youth of Swedish rock stars Europe. I would even go as far as stating the second run of albums beats the shit out of their commercially more successful period. And that were some great tunes then! But that is just to show there is no justice in the world.

Last Look At Eden is a prime example of how a band who has enjoyed considerable success in the past can still be relevant today. This is no band looking back but one looking to the future. I totally admire the band for following their own beliefs and record and release the music they want. It just shows in everything they do!

So this is high quality melodic rock. This is all about passion and love for music. This is heartfelt and authentic. Joey Tempest is still in top form vocally, as is John Norum on his six string. And the other usual suspects are in fine form as always. They don´t care about trends, or about song formats that worked great for them. So no Final Countdown copies here! All I want to add is, if you lost track of them, give them another shot. Highly recommended!

Personal play tips: Last Look At Eden, Catch That Plane, New Love In Town. But also check the ending guitar solo on In My Time. Hell, just play the whole album!