Evergrey, Monday Morning Apocalypse, 2006

evergrey - monday morning apocalypseWith this album the guys around mastermind and singer and guitarist Tom Englund seem to have made a conscious effort to make an album with shorter songs. Most of the songs on this album are single length tracks of 3 to 4 minutes. But alas I don´t think that many singles actually made it into a Top 40 somewhere. But that is not a testimony of a batch of songs that are not worthwhile. Especially for a known progressive metal band, it can prove a daunting task to tell their tales in shorter songs. Less is more (difficult?)…

Still, in my ears this is Evergrey. Englund´s voice and use of dramatics is of course very recognisable. The heavy guitar parts and keyboards, interacting with the melodies are also not unfamiliar. So are the mood swings. In fact, it seems a bit unfair that Evergrey are not considered one of the leading bands in the genre, but mostly seen as a contender. Well, no justice in the world maybe.

Whether it is the harder rocking songs, or the more melancholic almost ballad like stuff, I like it. The band know what they are doing. Check them out, they deserve it.

Personal play tips: Monday Morning Apocalypse, Lost, Still In The Water.