Everlost US, Live And Let Go, 2016

everlost-live-and-let-goEverlost or Everlost US are in essence a one man band as it is Jared Kay  who takes care of vocals, piano, guitar, bass and drums. The music compares to All Time Low, Yellowcard, Saosin or Set It Off. So slightly alternative or modern rock. With 7 songs and a play time of 24 minutes I think of it as an EP.

But truth be told, while listening I never thought about it not being a band, so Kay delivers a professional performance on all accounts. So fans of the bands mentioned before, can take a leap into this without fear. For all the others, this is dynamic music with enough melody and variation to keep you good company. Alas 24 minutes isn’t that much, I would prefer a full length actually. But I guess that only confirms the quality on offer here.

With an ambition to rise above his Orlando reputation, this is surely a good step into going global.