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Everon, Flesh, 2002

everon - fleshFor some reason this was the only Everon CD not present in my collection. Glad that finally got corrected!

If you are not familiar with Everon, let me explain a little. Everon are a German band playing melodic progressive rock that sometimes borders into metal. They have a great feel for grandiose songs with massive orchestrations and melodic soloing. But don´t shy away from shorter rocking songs or heartfelt ballad type pieces as well. For some the voice of leader Oliver Phillips (also keyboards and guitars) is an acquired taste, but I have no problem with that.

I think it is an asset when a band creates a sound that identifies them within seconds. Due to owning their own studio (Spacelab) Everon are able to record their CD´s  virtually at home and they put that to good use. All their albums have a clear and massive sound.

Song wise we get what we can expect from them. And I don´t mean that to put them down. There is a reason I buy all their output. Again Phillips pours out his heart and the songs magnify those emotions very well. Just listen to a couple of guitar solo´s and get a good grasp of what melodic soloing should be about.  Another great album from this band whom I feel deserve more recognition. Give them a try!

Personal play tips: try the first 3 tracks, they are a good representation for the band.