Evil Masquerade, Third Act, 2006

evil masquerade - third actThird album by these melodic metallers, hence the title. And the second in my collection. Various members have been, or are, active in other bands and projects as well. So it is safe to say this is an experienced bunch of musicians.

Music wise what is on offer here is melodic metal. What I like about the album is the eastern flavoured keyboard work. Kinda reminds of Led Zeppelin´s Kashmir, without copying it of course. Several tracks have arrangements with this type of keyboard lines and it creates a very nice mood. Combined with the excellent vocals of Apollo (not unlike a David Coverdale in his prime, though maybe with a little lower range) this has proved to be a very worthy addition to my collection. Some keyboard solos were provided by the excellent Richard Andersson, a former band mate of Apollo in Majestic.

But the guitar work is far beyond boring either. Flashy riffs or ripping solos, mister Henrik Flyman is not afraid to work his fingers across the fretboard! As he also is the songwriter, arranger and producer, he has a lot of say. But when someone comes up with this quality material, who is complaining? I like this a lot!

Personal play tips: Black Ravens Cry, Descended From The Grave, I´ll Make You Burn.