Ewian, Heart Crash Boom Bang, 2017

ewian - heart crash boom bangI quite liked the previous Ewian album that landed on my desk, so was very curious to find out how this one would fare. In all honesty I am not sure if this is the successor, or if I missed one, but anyway. If my memory serves me right, this is quite another animal than Good Old Underground from 2014. Yes I would still label this as alternative rock or maybe post rock (whatever that is) but somehow the impact this album has on me is different.

And I guess the key factor is the sound of the album. Several songs sound distorted. And by that I do not refer to the guitars, as that is normal, but I also hear it on piano, vocals and cymbals and that kinda spoils my enthusiasm for the songs. I understand that may be down to preferences, but still, I have a bit of a hard time getting used to it.
Radioactive Star is a good opener, catchy and energetic with again that touch of melancholy I liked so much. Visions is still sounding fairly normal, but Sorry just comes across as a blur of harsh sound. And this feeling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde keeps coming back to me throughout the album.

So for me a two faced monster, part good and part not so much. You will have to check for yourself!


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