Exit 31, Wood, 2017

exit31 - woodThere is always an exception to a rule. So where as normally I am not really fond of mini albums, or EP’s if you prefer, in the case of Wood by Exit 31 I am only too happy to ignore house rules. So what makes this a stand out album? Well it starts with the knowledge that the 7 songs are brought to you in a special arrangement; acoustic guitars, percussion and vocals. And when I say vocals I am really selling these guys short. In my humble opinion their harmonisations are right out spectacular. Not exactly sure how many of the band contribute, but at least 3, but probably more.

So on songs like Call Your Name, Betray Me, Levity or pick just any title, the delivery totally comes alive when all those voices unite. And that is not saying that the rest is below par, far from it. Maybe not an album for every moment, but for those special moments, this is sure one that will create beautiful new memories. Memories for all of time…

Nothing more to say except yes, I really want to hear their previous albums now!