Fair Warning, Aura, 2009

fair warning - auraFair Warning are one of those melodic hard rock bands that actually have a signature sound. First because of singer Tommy Heart. His voice is a pleasure to listen to. Great range, warmth and depth and he carries the melodies with ease. Second it is because of the guitar work of Helge Engelke. He plays a special guitar which has a very high register but keeps yielding a powerful tone.

Third and most important, the band write great songs and execute them accordingly. Whether it´s the high octane rocker Fighting For Your Love, the upbeat Hey Girl, or the slow rocker Falling, the songs find their way to your ears easily.
One way of looking at it is that the band play it relatively safe. You know what you get when you buy a Fair Warning record. No experiments, nothing out of the box. On the other hand, when it´s good, don´t break it. Why change a formula that made them very successful abroad?

So enjoy another quality release!