Fas IV, Rat Trap, 2016

FAS IV - rat trapNow here is something interesting! Never heard of the band, but that turned out normal, since this is the first offering of this San Francisco based band. Named after singer and guitarist Frank Abreau Salazar IV, the trio is completed with producer and bassist Miles Delaco and drummer Tim Aristil. There is a little punk going on here and there, but overall I think that lovers of music from Led Zeppelin to Queen or The Doors, will find this to their liking.

The opening tune Witchcraft alas put me a bit off track at first, mainly because of the effect on the lead vocal. I thought the song was okay, but the vocals, not sure. But from then on it is onwards and upwards. Double Life ought to be a global hit such is its attraction. But this is not the only stand out track. Police and Voices are killer, Dead In My Tracks surprises with a mellow verse and a kick ass chorus.
And that is not all. Over time I also got used a bit more to the first song. But for a debut this is a quality effort that packs a punch and deserved to find a home with all those claiming to love power, groove and melody. And the organ that sometimes pops up, only enhances the music and adds to the charm.

Yes I like this very much, excellent stuff guys and hurrah once more for Bad Reputation!