FeedForward, Upstream, 2011

feedforward - upstreamThis is the second album by this Dutch band, and the first with new singer Patrice. Female singers in a metal band often cause people to think of them as another Gothic band. Especially when they also originate from the Netherlands 😉
But rest assured, this truly is a progressive metal band. Or a progressive rock band with more heavy guitars, depending on how you look at it. Because one thing is for sure, these guys and girls are in it for the song, and not to showcase their technical abilities. Which is not saying they are no capable musicians!

So Patrice has a rather nice singing voice with absolutely no resemblance of any opera kind of thing. Also not really raw, or even with a small hint of an edge, but still a warm and pleasant voice to listen to. A little like Lana Lane if you will. All is again looking and sounding good, so over to the music.

The band have written 9 songs for us that clock in at almost 59 minutes and lasting between 3 to 12 minutes. Like I said, the songs are important and in that department the band delivers. They use a lot of dynamics and variety in their arrangements and offer an album that will appeal to people into metal and rock, that like the more progressive side of things, but are looking for craftsmanship and melodies as well. Safe buy!