Fenrik Lane, 317, 2010

fenrik lane - 317This CD has been lingering around for quite a while, but finally the time proved right to listen to it. Or should I just be honest and confess its number came up 😉 One of the MelodicRockRecords releases of Andrew McNeice´s MelodicRock.com so you expect something close to melodic rock. Duh…
Well that may be the case yet I think Fenrik Lane have an appeal beyond that crowd. To me, a lot of this music is at home with the more modern rock crowd, and maybe even with those on the alternative side of it.

Don´t get me wrong, this is rock, catchy as sugar for the innocent child, and little to no screaming. A lot of vocal interplay though. Some songs just breathe the other influences. And you know what, that is just fine by me. Very well done on every level. The trio of Knut Glesnes (vocals and guitar), Christer Unneland (drums and backings) and John Erik Soltvedt (bass, backings, piano and additional guitars) sound mature. As if this is just one in a string of albums, though I do believe it is their first..

So a lot to enjoy here. Songs with hooks and melodies. Variety in abundance (a track like Cover Your Eyes could be picked up by U2 lovers…) so definitely one to pick up. Maybe you should check with the label if the recent sale is this going on. You are not only doing yourself a favour, but help Andrew keep the site alive as well. A worthy cause if any…


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