Ferreira, 5, 2014

Ferreira - 5Sometimes you won´t have to guess hard as to which album this is from an artist. That said, Ferreira is not all too coherent on the name, as I was thinking earlier releases were under his full name, Marco Ferreira. Another name associated with this singer / guitarist is Goodbye Thrill, featured here before as well. But who cares right, as long as we know who we are talking about.

Anyway, now out on Melodic Rock Records, and that tells a lot about what to expect. In all honesty, I don´t feel there is a big difference between Goodbye Thrill or Ferreira. Which is quite understandable as the lead voice is the same. But also in style and sound the similarities outweigh the differences. And does that matter? Well not really, you get what you are after if this type of music is high up your buy list.
So expect another solid release with catchy choruses and harmony vocals, enough body to the guitars to make it rock, but never in a metal vein. It´s all about accessibility. Nothing wrong with that either, because besides supporting the continuation of melodicrock.com I also appreciate a regular dose of melodic rock. But this is pretty obvious by now.