Filter, Anthems For The Damned, 2008

Filter - Anthems For The damnedA new discovery (at least for me) is American (guess) band Filter with their 2008 record Anthems For The Damned. Name and cover hint at an aggressive nu-metal outfit, but I am happy to report the band is way beyond that.

Yes it is metal at times and at other moments more rock. But I have fallen for the songs, melodies and voice of singer Richard Patrick. Who is in fact the band as he does a lot of other things as well. And got help from many people like John 5, Wes Borland and Josh Abraham. There are so many great songs on the disk that it is hard to say which ones I like best.
So let me just state that anyone who is not afraid of some heavy guitars and has a soft spot for contagious melodies, melancholy and thoughtful music with enough variety to keep you interested for numerous plays, this is an album to keep an eye out for. Hey, and at times it plainly kicks ass as well. Stunning.