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Firenote, Firenote, 2009

firenote - sameIt is time for another band that has managed to “escape” the Finnish waters to bring us this set of hard rocking songs.

And is it any good? Albeit a little short with it´s 41 minutes, it is surely no punishment listening to this. The lead vocals are a little light of tone maybe, but that is a matter of taste.
Okay, is it any fun? Yep, it sure is. If you have played this for a number of times, you will be singing these tunes for days. Another good thing is that they don´t take themselves all too seriously. I mean “she stole my speedos” ….
So what about rocking hard? It does, but with a surprisingly amount of keyboards thrown in. Which only adds to the freshness. Though I would love to hear some more Hammond guys 😉 Preferably a real one!

So this makes me wonder, is this an essential album? Mmhmm, I am not sure yet. No doubt I like it. It is competent, it delivers and I can´t say I have heard every song before. But I also believe they need to stretch their writing a bit. Some songs do tend to become predictable. So I guess time will tell. For now, enjoy it!

Personal play tips: Danger, Love Me Or Let Me Live, Suddenly.