First Signal, Self Titled, 2010

first signalAre you missing the melodic rock of Harem Scarem? That powerful voice of Harry Hess with those massive backing vocals? With melodies that stick in your head for days and have you tapping your foot and whistling all day? And with crunchy guitars with great solo´s? And with keyboards to spice things up a little?

Then look no further as First Signal is bringing you just that. Frontiers label boss Serafino Perugino chartered not only Harry Hess, but also managed to get some prolific writers to delivers the goods. Think brothers Martin, Erik Martensson, Richard Marx, Bob Marlette, James Christian and Robert Sall to name a few of them. And with players like Eric Ragno and Dennis Ward, with the latter also handling producing, mixing and mastering, you know you are in for a treat.

Even if it sometimes is by the numbers, the standard of these guys is so high, the record is great still! So little more to add. If you don´t own it already, you know what to do. And if all these names mean nothing to you, melodic rock probably is not your thing…