Fischer’s Flicker, Open 28 Hours, 2017

fischers flicker - open 28 hoursMust say that reading the accompanying press sheet was a blast. Comparing the musical mind of Chicagoan Scott Fischer with a colourful symphonic amusement park is quite a find. Especially when you read the blurb after listening to the album a couple of times. Because then you already know the truth in that sentence.

Yes, this album is colourful and very amusing. Progressive in the same sense as older Supertramp albums were. So the melodies all have pop sensibilities and the power to attract all kinds of people. But the song structures and arrangements will also please the more demanding listener. This is mature in every aspect, which makes sense after finding out it is already album 7 from the band. Mixing a whole bag of influences (prog, power pop, funk, etc) and still sounding intriguing and convincing. And coherent. Or as the press info says; good songs are universal.
So from the soulfully rock groove of opener The In-Betweener to the serene closer Zen, the 10 songs on offer pack a punch in whatever guise they come under. Even a cover of The Kinks’ No More Looking Back sounds an integral part of the whole. Or maybe as another one of the many facets these musicians are able to bring to the table.

To conclude, I like listening to this album. A lot! It has an energy about it that I find very attractive, the songs are all well written and delivered and the diversity within them is the icing on the cake for me. A winner!