Fish, A Feast Of Consequences, 2013

fish - a feast of consequencesWhile I am playing catch up with all the things Fish has released in the last decade or so, it is nice to bring you up to speed with his current release: A Feast Of Consequences. My version of the album has 11 tracks, of which numbers 5 – 9 form the The High Wood concept, dealing with happenings of The Great War (1914-1918). So you can imagine that part of the artwork is reflecting that subject as well.

And it is a subject that is close to Fish, thus resulting in an album where there is enough room to deliver on both a musical, as on an emotional level. It might in fact be one of the most touching albums of the big Scotsman to date. And that is not only for what Fish brings to the table. Other factors are the added vocals of Elisabeth Troy Antwi, as well as the strings arranged by my fellow countryman Egbert Derix (who also lives in the neighbourhood by the way). Together with the songs, written by Fish and his band members, this results in an album that hits home from start to finish. Maybe a bit less rocky, but just plain beautiful music. Very inspired if you ask me!

In this form it might even transcend the typical neo prog of his origin and appeal to a much bigger audience. Which he deserves anyway. Okay, his voice is not as aggressive as in his Marillion days, but I can listen to this all day. An album to grow old with, and that is not a first, and hopefully not the last one either!