Fish On Friday, Airborne, 2012

Fish On Friday - AirborneThis is the second album from this Belgian project consisting of William Beckers (keyboards and percussion) and Frank van Bogaert (keyboards, acoustic guitars and vocals) and their band. Their first one I described as a mix of new wave and progressive rock and that worked out great.

On this new album, they not only welcome some more guest (of which Nick Beggs is to be considered as a known musician), but also I hear a change of style. And the best reference is probably the Alan Parsons Project, resulting in what I would like to describe as intelligent pop music with some rock touches here and there. And is that a bad thing?
Well let me start with saying it is another album that is great to listen to. Impeccable production, good songs, varied and easy to get into. For me, it is on par with APP, and that is a big compliment to all involved.

Nothing to complain then? Well, I struggle a bit with this move. While I do like to listen to the album, I still tend to think their first one had a more original edge to it. But at the end of the day I dó still like this, so how big of a deal that is? And again packaged with stunning eye for detail, so if you are into this music, grab it pronto!