Fish On Friday, Shoot The Moon, 2010

Fish On Friday - Shoot The MoonOut of the blue came Fish On Friday on my radar. Big thanks to Progstreaming! The band members are William Beckers on Keyboards and Frank van Bogaert on keyboards and vocals. For the album they got plenty of guests, but those names also did not ring a bell. But consisting of unknown names does not mean we get an album that is limited quality wise. In fact, I think the band delivered big time with this album!

A very pleasant discovery whose style I would like to describe as a tad of New Wave with Progressive Rock. Sounds strange maybe, but it just tastes good! But there are more sides to them. Opener 9,1 Surround and Listen are best described with what I said before. A track like Don’t Go Knocking Me Off My Feet shows pop sensibilities in a progressive environment. But the melancholic feel stays apparent. And lyrics with a tongue in cheek as well.

It all sounds good, with many details in the keyboards (reminding me a bit of Pure Reason  Revolution). Lead vocals are very versatile, despite being more wave and less rock oriented overall. Almost as if there are more lead vocalists. Vocal harmonies are very worth listening to. Recommended CD to hunt down and really beautifully packaged as well!


6 thoughts on “Fish On Friday, Shoot The Moon, 2010

  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for spreading the word and your nice review. We’re working on a follow up album .
    The release is sheduled for May or June 2012.
    Best wishes,
    Frank Van Bogaert

    1. Hi Frank,

      thanks for the reply.
      Will be looking forward to that new album. Maybe you let me review that one as well?

      cheers, Peter

  2. Hey Peter,

    A very nice cristmas and all the best for 2012 from the fishermen. We stay in touch 🙂

    Bye for now,

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