Flaming Row, Elinoire, 2011

flaming row - elinoireYoung label Progressive Promotion Records sure know how to pick their artists. Overhead already proved quite the discovery, and here is another one for ya. For the last week (!) I have been listening to this disk and I must say, it is a very adventurous, yet very addictive one. Again a project in Ayreon style (meaning with a lot of guests – Gary Wehrkamp, Brendt Allman, Jimmy Keegan, Billy Sherwood et al,) complementing the band around Kiri Geile on vocals, Martin Schnella on about everything, Marek Arnold (busy guy!) on keys and Niklas Kahl on drums.

Style wise I am tempted to make comparisons to SpockĀ“s Beard, Ayreon, Dream Theater and sorts. Yet these names only hint at the depth on display here. I mean low aggressive male vocals combined with female vocals have been done before, but rarely in such a melodic setting. Yes it is complex music, with a lot going on (Henning Pauly came to mind), but I am seriously amazed at the ease with which my attention is held. And that must be due to the melodies and dynamic arrangements. Very rich in delivery this CD packs chilling moments by the dozen.

So it is only fair to say that every lover of progressive rock and metal must hurry to their favourite seller and pick this one up. In my humble opinion an essential buy that leaves me wanting more! So let me just hit repeat again….