FM, Metropolis, 2010

fm - metropolisThere are times in a bloggers life when it is hard to write a review. Carefully weighing the words to strike the right chord so to speak. And at other occasions, it turns out really simple, and the words just flow.
On this occasion, the latter is the case.

FM are back! And all you really need to know before you head out to buy the CD (or visit your favourite online retailer) is that they are back with a vengeance.

All there is to like about FM is present on this disk. For those unaware, that is the mighty voice of Steve Overland, a crew including keyboards, the songs to match the talent, and the production to prove quality rock music is still valid. I find this album easily on par with their best work before their long hiatus, and am very glad they got together again and graced us once more with their presence. Or maybe they will give us even more if we are all nice to them and buy the CD. So you know what to do!

Personal play tips: right!