Foreigner, Can´t Slow Down, 2010

foreigner - can' t slow downThe first thing I noticed about this album is that I didn´t miss Lou Gramms vocals at all. To me, that is a big compliment to current singer Kelly Hansen, as I always liked Lou´s singing. And I don´t even think Kelly is being a perfect copycat. He just feels real, he belongs there! Amazing…

Second thing dawning on me was thinking the songs are absolutely among the best the band have ever done. And as I reckon everybody knows they had their fair share of world wide success at the day, the boys around Mick Jones have been doing something right. Yes people, this album is that good. Am I being too bold to confess I wouldn´t be surprised if this will be considered their peak in history?

Yes I am blown away by what they have done on this record. This is no band cashing in on the successes of their past. This is a troop of seasoned professionals doing what they do best and enjoying the hell out of it. And it shows! This is relevant, yet old school. This is new, yet feeling familiar. It has feel, it rocks and it moves, and thus is another testimony of the writing genius of Mick (with help of Kelly and producer Marti Frederiksen). Essential!

Oh, and while heading to the store, please consider buying the triple disk version (the studio CD, a live CD with the big hits and a live DVD!)

Personal play tips: the whole album!