Former Queensryche guitarist joins Dragon Kings team

LAS VEGAS, NV – July 2013 – Guitarist Mike Stone, formerly of Grammy and MTV Video Music Award-winning progressive rock group Queensrÿche, has joined the musical team creating the trans-media project Dragon Kings.

“It’s great to be working with Mike,” says project lead Timothy Brown. “He brings exactly the kind of progressive vibe our album needs.”

Dragon Kings is Brown’s spiritual successor to his previous creation Dark Sun, an award-winning game universe for the Dungeons & Dragons game. Dragon Kings is an entirely new game world envisioned in fiction, art and music simultaneously.

Last week, the Dragon Kings project announced the collaboration of two prominent industry artists, Brom and Tom Baxa, both of whom helped envision and illustrate the Dark Sun game line. Mike Stone is the first musical collaborator announced.

“Tim approached me with this project and I was intrigued by the blending of progressive metal and game concepts,” says Stone. “The idea of describing a fantasy world with progressive rock songs is innovative.” Stone is taking the lead songwriting role on the Dragon Kings project, as well as playing lead guitar and contributing vocals on all tracks. Stone toured extensively with Queensrÿche and participated on five of their releases including Tribe and Operation: Mindcrime II.

The Dragon Kings project will include color illustrated game books, but also a full-length progressive rock concept album that describes the new world. Brown contends that the music will be an emotionally powerful presentation that will bring the world to life, much in the spirit of Rush’s 2112, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and Queensrÿche’s Operation: Mindcrime. The product launch envisions a hardbound game book, an art-intensive album-sized world gazetteer and lyrics booklet, and a progressive rock CD.

According to Brown, other high-profile game, art, and music industry collaborators will be announced over the next few weeks.

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