Foxy Shazam, The Church Of Rock And Roll, 2012

foxy shazam - the church of rock and roll Foxy Shazam are an unknown force to me, despite this being their third album (I believe). And if this is anything to go by, I will need to find the others as well. And soon too! Finally a contender for the vacant throne of Queen (the band)!

Why the Queen reference: mainly because of the high pitched harmony vocals (little doubt Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) producing has something to do with that). But also because of the obvious swagger of the band. They just pour energy and write short songs that are catchy as hell. And in a style that is reminiscent to The Darkness and Queen. The use of horns and some quirky mood changes show they are not afraid to experiment either.

So never sounding like a rip off, but just full of exciting ideas that deserve a big crowd. I find it impossible to resist songs like Welcome To The Church Of Rock and Roll, I Like It or Holy Touch. Hell, I could write down all eleven titles here… My only problem with this CD is that it is way too short. Yet with 36 minutes of pure rock bliss with a lot of pop sensibilities, one is sure to risk a replay addiction. What a discovery, what a band, what an album.
Essential if you want to avoid ignoring the next big thing…