Francis Dunnery, Frankenstein Monster, 2013

francis dunnery - frankenstein monsterHow this passed me by at the time I do not know, but being a massive fan of all things Dunnery has done since hitting the spotlights (as singer and guitar player extra-ordinaire in It Bites and later in his much mellower solo ventures), I just had to pick this up as soon as I found out about it. Dedicated to his big brother Baz, who sadly passed away in 2008, and whom Francis calls the best guitarist in the world.

So you bet the guitars are coming to the front on this album. Which is a good thing in my ears! I did mention I regard the man as a player with exceptional qualities now didn’t I? The album opens with the title track and it is a killer one. Great riff and melody and plenty of fretwork to enjoy. Next up is Don’t Look Down Frank and that sometimes reminded me of Black Sabbath with its heavy riffs. And again some nice solos. Boy we are in for a treat here. Leaving The Depot might have you believe it is a ballad, but soon the pace picks up and when the drums kick in it is upbeat and uptempo. And nice weird riffs too. Which accumulates in an almost jazz like interlude before a more heavy passage lifts the track even further.

I could ramble on about all 14 tracks, but I think you got the message. Another great album and one that gets better with every listen. Essential!