Fred Grenot, Beyond The Sun, 2015

Fred Grenot - Beyond The SunOnly recently I got in contact with Fred Grenot, and this is his second album. And something completely different as to what I have been listening to lately, but that is the fun of doing this in the first place. This is something for the people seeking calmness and relaxation, for meditation purposes, and so on.

The music that Fred displays here is entirely based on layers of keyboards. No rhythms, no copying “natural” sounds like drum or guitar, just keyboards. It is very spacey and at times hypnotic. All themes are blending in the overall arrangement of a song, thus creating music that is meant to slow you down and give you time to get in the now. You do have to help and open yourself to it. If your mind keeps racing thoughts about all those things you still need to do, this will pass you by practically unnoticed. And then you will never experience first hand how beautiful it is to be tranquil and think nothing at all. And let’s be honest, how big is that need? We all need time and space to recharge the battery!

For those, this is a much welcomed soundtrack to achieve that. Serenity and peace of mind are waiting for you…