Fredde Gredde, Thirteen Eight, 2011

fredde gredde - thirteen eightA new star on the progressive music firmament is Fredrik Larsson, or Fredde Gredde. In essence he is a one man army. Only with the lyrics he needed some help here and there. The CD has 13 tracks, lasting between 2 to 15 minutes, with an average somewhere around 5. The music is a mixture of progressive rock and progressive metal.  So the moods differ a lot. From heavy riffing, jumping to acoustic guitars. From playful and dreamy to complex and loud. Within seconds.

So it will be apparent that this is not an album for the faint of heart. It is quite something to excel on guitars, and a whole lot of other instruments. Even the rarely used accordion is present (also on the cover). But rest assured, the emphasis is on the melodic side of things. A reason for that might be his voice. In fact the only thing I am less sure about. For some tracks it works great, where as with the heavier stuff I feel he is not enough of a rock singer. But again, your taste might be different.

From our correspondence I know Fredrik wants to establish himself as a professional musician. While he has got the talent to do that, I don´t know if the chosen style is the right one. This music normally needs a lot of touring to grow a steady fanbase. After all, it is complex stuff, and not everyone is into that, certainly if you are starting a career.
Yet, if you all visit his website and buy the thing, it might become easy…