Frederiksen Denander, Baptism By Fire, 2007

frederiksen denander - baptism by fireBehind this project are of course guitar player Tommy Denander who keeps making appearances in the melodic rock scene, and singer Fergie Frederiksen. Who is probably  best known for his trademark vocals on the magnificent Isolation album by Toto.

And that band is a good reference for the music on this disk, as anybody familiar with Denander’s earlier output will already suspect. What is nice is that they wrote the majority of songs together, with friends like Chris Antblad and Ricky Phillips helping out. This all resulting in a melodic rock album that is easy on the ears and quick to enjoy. Playing and sound is spotless, melodies are meant to attract. Enough variety, from more rockier tracks to more mellow mid-tempo, it is all present.
All in all a safe buy for the in-crowd, yet I doubt if this will attract new fans to the genre. Maybe I have been listening to too much progressive music lately, but I felt a lot of tracks are on the safe side with a pretty predictable build. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but I for one like things a little more fresh and daring, now those moments are rare. Still, enough to enjoy as the voice of Fergie will always be a selling point, and the same applies to the guitar playing of mister Denander. It will probably grow on me when I keep hitting repeat 😉

Fergie FrederiksenTommy Denander