From The Inside, Visions, 2008

from the inside - visionsItalian label Frontiers have a habit of forming projects and releasing CD´s under the name of choice. In this case we get a heavy cast of characters: Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) on vocals, Jimi Bell (House Of Lords) on guitars, Eric Ragno (China Blue) on keys and producer Fabrizio Grosso on bass and stuff. Songwriters come from within and outside of the “band” like the famous Martin brothers and mixing and mastering was provided by the excellent Tommy Hansen.

So all ingredients for another quality product are present. I mean, Vaughn´s voice remains strong as always and Bell is a hell of a player no matter what song you give to him. The songs are convincing, though maybe not all that adventurous. (which to a lot of rock aficionados is actually a selling point) and with all that experience the execution will withstand even the toughest quality control.

But I just couldn´t help thinking do we need another project? The word “product” in the earlier paragraph was chosen on purpose. I tend to think this stuff is tailor made to suit the masses (oh well, the in-crowd isn´t that big) and so the songs are catchy, but lack in the originality department. Of course this still is an enjoyable affair and a safe buy if you like the style and or the players.
I just hope that bands who play in this style also get a chance on building an audience and a back catalogue so they can develop an identity of their own. Which I think will only benefit the scene. Just my 2 cents of course.