Galahad, Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria, 2012

galahad - beyond the realms of euphoriaWhile many bands struggle to release an album in a somewhat regular time frame, British (neo) prog band Galahad succeed in releasing their second disk in 2012! Battle Scars already proved a very classy introduction to this band for me, and I find it quite exiting that this recent release equals that one. With ease I might add. So no quality issues here at all.

If anything, this release might even prove to be a bit more experimental. More dance like accents, more ambient / new age sounds. And still the proverbial progressive rock band. I can imagine many people lifting their eyebrows when reading this, but let me assure you, again the band make it sound natural and thus convincing. In my opinion this mixture of styles creates a unique edge to the band and for that alone they should receive recognition.

But mixing things up goes nowhere when the songs and musical level don´t match. So when you start humming along during playback, all is good! Quality production by Karl Groom, and lots of great ideas and melodies. And still a tad more heavy then the average neo prog outfit, so I am one happy dude. Great album, fresh and interesting on all accounts. Get it!