Galleon, In The Wake Of The Moon, 2010

galleon - in the wake of the moonSay, if rhythmic surprises (like 7/8 measures), Hammond organ, Mellotron, harmony vocals, long instrumental passages, tasteful guitar solos and enough variety to decorate a home with, are right up your alley, I am quite confident you are gonna love this disk by the Swedes of Galleon. Any follower of this blog will understand that these are ingredients that gets my blood pumping…

Another band that took quite some years before landing on my desk (and another one proving me wrong about that) and in the CD player. From the opening riff of Stages I am sold. Progressive rock with firm roots in the seventies. Lots of authentic sounds, yet managing to build a bridge into the now. Never too heavy, yet full of force when the song needs it. Chock full of moods, and vocals with a lot of feel and style. Love the harmonies here as well.

If you, like me, never got around to checking them out, this is the time to do it. This is a great album by any standard and deserves a big audience. Quite stunning the quartet are able to deliver on this level. Not a bad thing to say, great flow. As I am running out of compliments, all lovers of things progressive: visit you favourite dealer as soon as possible and add this to your collection. I guarantee this will not disappoint.