Gate 6, God Machines, 2012

Gate6 - God MachinesWhen I started listening to this disk, I noticed I was reminded of a somewhat obscure, yet very promising Dutch band called Marathon. They released 2 great albums in the mid nineties and since then I was only aware of e-Norm as a follow up. But as it turns out, former keyboard player Tony ten Wolde (now guitars) and bassist Jacques Suurmond return with this band.

And I must say, a very pleasant return it is. Their singer Erik Masselink is a real find, great voice! And with Martin Kuipers on drums the quartet is complete. Expertly produced by Ten Wolde, what we have here is a prime example of quality Dutch progressive rock. Based upon the idea of the internet becoming a self-conscious entity the guys truly deliver, with about an hour of beautiful and diverse music.

And while sometimes this type of music can become a bit clinical, the emotional delivery of Masselink, together with the refined arrangements and firing solos, take care you never get that feeling here. I find myself very impressed with the album and heartily recommend it to all lovers of the style. Even metal lovers might find it interesting, because at times the full guitar sound dominates, until the layers of keyboards take over again. Great album!