Geff, Land Of The Free, 2009

geff - land of the freeDon´t know about you, bet when I see singer Göran Edman  involved, I expect a minimum quality. I mean, the man has had his vocal cords represented on so many albums (and some classics too)! Another thing is that often Northern guitarists are likely to mime the chops of famed Swede Yngwie Malmsteen. Well, actually not only Northerners I guess.
So let´s find out what this record brings us.

The first track direct shows vintage Edman. But brings little new to the table. Next tracks do more for me. Nice grooves with guitar riffs and melodies to match. And not to forget some wonderful organ playing. And yes some tracks do feature lighting fast riffs. But music is all about songs, and not technique. To me that is.
And then some more okay tracks and some great tunes. So this leaves me with mixed feelings. Some nice songs, and if you are mad about Edman and or potent melodic rock surely a safe buy (especially from the bargain bin), but this is hardly an essential album. Despite the cast of known characters involved!

Personal play tips: Fruits Of Life, Living Generation, Crusaders.