Geoff Tyson, Drinks With Infinity, 2020

geoff tyson - drinks with infinityOne of two people to ever “graduate” from Joe Satriani’s teaching (the other one being that Steve Vai dude), so that will give you a firm clue of what to expect here. But while listening to this album, I cannot deny that mister Tyson is tapping into something a little bit different. This is more about feel and melody than that it is about shredding. And man, the guy is good at what he does! The song Like Life Is Set In Stone alone is worth buying this. What an exquisite offering of taste and melancholy! Absolutely stunning.

But Tyson is not content with writing the song of the year, his music is produced with a lot of more modern touches and clever arrangement details. Every song on this 10 track album is proof that the guy is a monster player. But he wants the guitar to sing and impresses with fluid playing and tons of emotion.

So it’s quite a shame that this is the first album for me as it turns out he has been recording and touring for quite some time and in various guises and is currently living and working in Europe.

Consider me (very) impressed!