Giant, Promise Land, 2010

giant - promise landIs there life after Dann Huff for Giant? Well yes and no. No because Dann still co-wrote several songs on the album and played a couple of guitar solo´s (as rumour has it). And yes because they not only found the 2 right guys to replace him in the fabulous Terry Brock on vocals and more than capable John Roth on guitars. Alas also Alan Pasqua isn´t among the crew anymore, yet bassist Mike Brignardello and drummer David Huff are still there. So with 50%  original members, and Dann still somewhat involved, it is still Giant. Or is it?

Well rest assured people, though sounding different (no wonder as the voices of Dann and Terry are not much alike), this is still an album in the best Giant tradition. So if their brand of energetic and highly melodic hard rock is right up your alley, this is something you hopefully already added to your collection. John Roth´s guitar playing is spot on and he proves to be the right man for the job. And he has big shoes to fill. No point talking about Terry Brock as his pipes graced many albums regarded classic by a lot of aficionados.

So, if you have never checked the band out (which is kinda lame, considering their first 2 albums are essential), but you do like your hard rock classy, then buy the thing anyway. And please, pick up Last Of The Runaways en Time To Burn as well…