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Glenn Hughes, First Underground Nuclear Kitchen, 2008

glenn hughes - funkThe last couple of years has seen Glenn Hughes picking up on his career with a lot of output and quality. And as all people who follow him know, he loves to rock, like he likes to funk. Some records do both, some just plain rock and others tread heavily into funky waters… No pun intended.

And as one can guess on the abbreviation of this album title, here he funks it up again. Yes folks, the Voice of Rock still like his grooves! And while that is something not everyone is into, for the more open minded this is still a side of Glenn that is synonymous to funked up songs with an unbeatable groove, melodies as catchy as honey, and carried by that golden voice. And thankfully he still lets the guitars do some work as well…
Supported by, among others, his “brother” Chad Smith on drums (who of course is no stranger to this type of music), Glenn lets us enjoy 11 songs on this album. Which is light on rock and heavy on funk. But the man knows what he is doing. Nice touches with brass occasionally, this is again an addictive set. A lot of feel here, not unlike his album with that same name. Like I said, highly addictive stuff that sucks you in until you are so sweaty from dancing your body just says stop!

Personal play tips: Crave, Imperfection, Never Say Never.