Glyder, Yesterday Today And Tomorrow, 2010

glyder - yesterday today and tomorrowSometimes when you play an album for the first time, you don´t really understand what all the fuss is about. In fact, you are probably a bit disappointed. But later, hanging in like the seasoned listener you probably are, all pieces fall into place and you discover the beauty of that album and you rank it among your favourites in that timeframe.

Well, that scenario happened to me with this CD by Glyder. It is hard to pinpoint why it didn´t hit me at first. Now I just love the fact that it has a dynamic production (it has nothing of that loudness terror), reminds me of Thin Lizzy mixed with modern rock bands like Nickelback, and is well written and played (though in one or two tracks I do feel the vocals could have been better).

So the quartet that are Glyder do impress in the long run. Their twin guitar sound is not unique, neither is the singing, drumming or bass. This is a band doing what they enjoy, rock out where ever possible or needed. Nothing all too clever, but down to earth, honest and with a passion that deserves to be heard by the masses. Maybe a little hard to track down, but worth the effort. Just play it a few times before you make up your mind!