Godsticks, Emergence, 2015

godstickes - emergenceAh, the third Godsticks album! The previous outings found fertile ground in my home, so I was really looking forward to letting this sip in. And since the trio are not of the kind to make the same album twice, I was curious to find what I would be hearing. Well I am happy to report that important stylistics as memorable choruses, wrapped up in intricate arrangements of bass, drum and guitar, are still at the core of the songs. The major change being more emphasis on heavy guitars I think. But if anything, it makes it all the more appealing!

Just take opening track Below The Belt for instance. Opening with a guitar riff over a non standard rhythmic figure. And still letting it groove! And while some see the voice of Darran Charles as an acquired taste, I love the way he delivers the melodies and the way the harmony vocals compliment and enrich the idea. Yes sometimes there is a lot going on, but in my ears this never leads to useless showing off of the technical prowess of the gents. The song is still the most important. So we have fantastic musicians that write vibrant and interesting songs and deliver them with confidence.

I say it’s a winner and every prog lover should own it!