Godsticks, Spiral Vendetta, 2010

godsticks - spiral vendettaRecognize that feeling when you start listening to an album and within seconds are so locked into it you canĀ“t stop listening? Even when you know it is not the most simple of music? Well, that is just what Spiral Vendetta from Godsticks did to me!
I have a hard time describing the style on this disk, other than that it is progressive, with influences from jazz, fusion, symphonic rock, funk and God knows what. No matter what, this is still melodic ear candy that will please a lot of people, such is it’s cross over appeal. It has been a long time ago I got captured so quick and was won over in an instant.

So the trio of Darran Charles (vocals, guitar and keyboards), Steve Roberts (drums and vocals) and Brian Beller on bass, are doing something absolutely right. Vocally Godsticks remind me of Event, the American progressive metal band what a somewhat similar approach to music. After all, I think these guys don’t care about boundaries or styles, but just create music that feels good to them. And are damn good at it too. I can imagine reading these words does not shed any light as to what to expect from this disk. That is why I will end with just the simple advice to go out and buy this thing immediately. This is too good to ignore and belongs in every serious music lovers collection.


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