Godsticks, The Envisage Conundrum, 2013

godsticks - the envisage conundrumSite regulars might remember Godsticks from a review I did earlier, about their Spiral Vendetta album. That was an album that impressed me very much. So you will understand I started listening to this new one with a lot of expectation! And despite the change in personnel (Brian Beller made way for now bass boy Dan Nelson), misters Steve Roberts (drums and keyboards) and Darran Charles (vocals, guitars and keyboards) have done it again, so let me explain:

Maybe you will agree with me that many progressive acts focus most on technique and can come across a bit clinical. Well, not this bunch. Despite a lot of genre characteristics (changing rhythms and time signatures) and more influences than I care to remember, I am again dumbfounded by the instant attraction of this music. It has feel pouring on just about every second of music. It is a simply wonderful album from start to finish. Everything I have said about them before is still valid. I can repeat myself by stating this is an album that any serious lover of music ought to own. Forget the genre tag, this is universal music that will creep under your skin and will make you want to hear it over and over again.

Easily one of the best albums so far in 2013, and maybe one of the best in  a long time!