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Golden Caves, Bring Me To The Water, 2016

golden-caves---bring-me-to-the-waterGolden Caves are a relatively new (2013) Dutch band who have released this EP on January 24, 2016. All 5 members studied at the Rotterdam arts University, so the 2 ladies and 3 gents know a thing or 2 about music no doubt. Besides the newly recorded title track (produced by Christiaan Bruin) we get 6 previously recorded songs in remastered form.

To start with Bring Me To The Water: I like it very much! The band likes to explore themes based on nature and this track is a beautiful prog rock light composition. Especially the vocals of Romy Ouwerkerk impress me, they carry a touch of soul it seems, giving her a firm presence as well as adding a unique touch.
The older songs fit the lead track well. They never play very heavy but keep things melodic and tasty. But still know how to rock here and there. They also pay a lot of attention to vocal harmonies, and that is something I always like.

Very promising, so surely looking forward to their full length debut, scheduled for 2017!