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Good Charlotte, The Young And The Hopeless, 2002

Good Charlotte - The Young And The HopelessA few years ago I saw Good Charlotte live on television. Only a track or two, but it was enough to raise my interest. So when I could pick up this release for a few bucks I did.

Didn´t know what to expect, but it turned out a pleasant surprise. Often tagged in the Emo field, I am not sure that describes them accurately. Already opener A New Beginning shows there is more to them. Interesting orchestration and haunting vocal harmonies. And then the band kicks in ;-). Next tracks like The Anthem and Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous show their punk rock roots. So you get aggression, melody en some kick ass tunes. Compare those to the feel good sound of bands like The Offspring or Green Day.

The Story Of My Old Man, combines that same punk feel to a beautiful light and laid back bridge with a lot of open space in the music. My Bloody Valentine with it´s effected sounds does bare more resemblance to Emo. It is also slightly heavier of nature. Track Say Anything shows the band in softer mode, yet retaining their sense for catchy choruses.

All in all I like the record. It is vibrant and just makes you hum along. And writing 3 minute songs that don´t bore to death is a quality not everyone possesses.

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