Goodbye Thrill, Keepsakes, 2010

goodbye thrill - keepsakesAfter listening to complex music a lot lately, it took me some time to adjust myself to this album. Goodbye Thrill strive for whole other things, and I expect myself to listen with an open mind.

Not quite sure what number this CD is, I think I already own at least one.  And after reading the booklet, I understood why some of the tracks sounded familiar. This CD contains some reworked acoustic versions of earlier songs and some new ones ” to spice things up”, and a Beau Hill remix of Rainy Days. The package comes with a free DVD which offers insight in a band´s affairs as well as live footage.

Band member I am most familiar with is guitar player and singer Marco Ferreira, who divides his attention over more projects. But Goodbye Thrill (like their label Kivel Records) aim at the melodic rock crowd. So this is not about inventing an exciting new genre, but about writing and playing stuff that people into this style will want to listen to. And for those people this is a safe buy. It is melodic, all too rough edges are cleverly avoided without sounding like a children´s choir on Saturday, and the playing is supporting those melodies well. All in all value for money!