Gran Turismo Veloce, Di Carne Di Anima, 2013

gran turismo veloce - di Carne di AnimaThe progressive music scene in Italy is still very alive, and thanks to Fabrizio from Coral Riff management, I am able to present to you this band with the wonderful name Gran Turismo Veloce. Well, my Italian is not very good, but I think it is something about a speeding car. The album title loosely translates into The meat of the Animal, but again feel free to comment if you know this interpretation to be wrong.

But on to the music, which is what this is all about anyway. First song Sorgente Sonora has a great groove in 5/4. And another fine thing is the keyboards are mainly piano and accordeon. Gives the track a lot of breathing room. Next song Misera Venera is a very emotional song (even if the Italian language in my ears always has a certain drama to it) with outstanding delivery. Quantocamia is a surprise, opening with a heavy riff which is developed by the whole band, before it all breaks down into a very chilling atmospheric piece with great keyboards and a lyrical guitar solo. Wonderful!

So you may have noticed we´ve got something going on here. This proves to be an album that is easy to listen to, and still has a lot of variation, but that is of course a natural style ingredient. Don´t worry about the language, the music transcends the message. Fans of the genre, whether into the Italian style or not, should track this down.