Grand Prix, Same, 2009 Remaster

Grand Prix - SameListening to this 1980 disk it becomes quickly evident why singer Bernie Shaw was eventually chosen to become the lead singer for Uriah Heep later on. He’s a perfect match. In fact, some early Heep work with him on board is not all that distant from this album. But that may also be due to keyboarder Phil Lanzon being added as well.

At first listen I wasn’t too sure why this is regarded a classic by many. I took it for typical eighties rock. Just listen to the guitar sound and you know why. Often, when you grow up with an album, you regard it higher than it actually is.
But repeated plays reveal this is a very nice listen with some great songs carrying the weight. A few songs put some toes into more progressive territory, only adding to the quality. Some very nice guitar parts and the excellent melodies makes you keep hitting the play button. Also because of some intricate keyboard parts, and some inventive twists in the songs, this material still proves relevant, even after all these years. So yes, the classic tag is well deserved.

This 2009 remaster has some extra tracks on board, so it’s a good thing Rock Candy put this on the market. Recommended!

Personal play tips: Day In The Life, Which Way Did The Wind Blow, Feel Like I Do.