Greenwich Cavern, Monkeys On Mountain, 2014

greenwich cavern - monkeys on mountainReleased on the regularly featured Bad Reputation label, this French power trio will probably appeal to anyone who has a bit of a knack for seventies rock from the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and The Free. This is not their first release, but it is the first for the label. Made up of drummer Francois Del Frate, Bassist and singerĀ  Eric Revel and Guitarist and singer Olivier Sosin, Greenwich Cavern (named after the bar in Greenwich Village) have already toured heavily in Europe.

This album indeed proved to be firmly rooted in times gone by. But while their heart may be in the past, their heads are surely in the now. The production is crisp and thankfully not overly compressed, so there is enough room to breathe for the songs. Which are upbeat, catchy and filled with lyrics that would get a parental advisory sticker in some countries. But it’s rock ‘n roll right?

There is a lot to enjoy on this album. Some songs strangely reminded me a bit of the original Guns ‘n Roses, like Groupie, No Reason and Nobody Knows, although mainly from the musical point of view, the singing does not compare. Might be because of the guitar sound with roots in blues, similar to the style of Slash.

Anyway, easily recommended to listen in on!