Greeves are Moving Up

greevesAnd more music from Down Under! This time it is Greeves with their single Moving Up. Personally I am weary of bands calling their music a masterpiece. Think that is up to others to decide. And when you promise a CD, and send in a CDR, without art or a web address, I guess your promotion skills leave something to be desired as well…

Anyway, this blog is about music and I must say I did think Moving Up is a nice song. Starting with a reggae beat, I was taken by the multiple harmonies in the vocals. Very good! Also the arrangement of guitars and later on keyboards in some way reminded me a bit of Pink Floyd. In a good way.
Second track I received is called Lonely Obsession. And that is a lovely balladesque little thing with more outstanding vocal harmonies. And more fresh arrangements on guitar and keys.

So yeah, surely a band to welcome into the world. Will be interesting to see how they develop. Would certainly love to hear an album’s worth of songs!