Gregg Rolie, Rain Dance Live, 2009

gregg rolie - rain danceFor any serious rock lover this must be a household name. Be it from his time in Santana, Journey or solo, a lot of people will own albums with him on it.

So now Gregg and his band have released a live album. Heavily influenced by his Santana times (2 percussionists on board give that away), this is a great rocking and grooving set of songs. Most titles I recognize (Jingo and Oye Como Va for instance) but despite owning several solo records, almost all things Journey and little Santana (must catch up sometime), other titles sounded less familiar. Too long ago I played them probably.

The percussionists (together with the bass) are driving your body to move to the beat. Too hard to resist!  Even a little drum solo by Ron Wikso is present. But also the very Santana like guitar playing of Kurt Griffey (what a sound!) is very tasteful. And yes ladies and gentlemen, Hammond organ present! And the one that crunches and squeaks. Just the way I like it.

So if you like harmonic guitar phrasings over a driving beat, accompanied by organ, a groovy bass and competent vocal melodies, you know what to do. Also recommended if you liked Santana in his prime. Get it, this is a very pleasant and at times stunning live CD.

Personal play tips: Jingo, As The Years Go Passing By, Give It To Me.