Güru, White, 2013

guru - whiteOkay, back to plugging melodicrock.com and it´s offspring Melodic Rock Records. This time it´s time to discuss the deluxe edition of White, the second album by Spanish band Güru. On this version we get 4 bonus tracks added to the 12 from the original release. They consist of 2 acoustic versions and 2 Mr. Big covers. And with that name we have a fine reference to the style on offer.

So yes, melodic rock it is. Big choruses and all. But what I find even more appealing is firstly the ability to add many arrangement surprises without losing the flow of the songs. Little breaks, rhythmic twists, that kind of stuff. All executed to perfection and adding to the already memorable songs. On top of that Güru have an excellent guitar player and principal songwriter and producer in David Palau. His playing is a mix of Steve Lukather and Pete Lesperance and impresses me very much. Rich in ideas and tone this album has a lot to offer to all fans of the genre.

Alas I am not sure if this is still available, but if you can track it down, make sure you own it. It will not disappoint!