Guy Brisaert & Tax Clan, Het Tax Clan Album, 2014

guy brisaert - het tax clan albumNot sure, but this must be one of the few releases discussed here that are entirely in Dutch. Or Flemish to be more precise. And I think for those familiar with Dutch music, this is at times reminiscent of Raymond Van het Groenewoud. And most likely influenced by bands like The Kinks, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. From the latter a cover of Paint It Black is included, albeit with a Dutch lyric, that is why it is called In Het Zwart.

With those references you will understand that this is in essence pop rock, with emphasis on melodies. Short songs that are easy on the ears. But don’t let me be misunderstood, Guy and The Tax Clan have delivered a very nice album where all participating bring what the songs need to convince. Whether it is more grooving songs like Mijn Hart Is Vol, rocking songs like Veel Te Veel or the gorgeous ballad Het Regent Harder, I like what I am hearing.

So if you are able to enjoy Dutch singing, or just because you like the bands mentioned, then go and check this out!